1 Canadian Special Wireless Group

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Darwin, N.T., Australia

This translated message was intercepted by No. 1 (Canadian) Special Wirelss Group while monitoring Japanese radio traffic at Darwin. It relates to the cessation of hostilies.

Quote Message from Army Minister to all armies reference to instructions issued by the Army Minister. The Minister hereby makes known the Imperial wish for peace and the cessation of hostilities.

At this moment, for troops serving in all armies, the time has passed either for looking with covetous admiration at countless foreign lands, or for advance preparations for every effort at stalwart defence. The time has come to lay down arms. If one looks into the future, the flood of disasters facing the empire is inceasing. The Emperor is deeply moved by this fact. Moreover, because of the general situation he has made an extraordinary resolution and after careful consideration, has issued His Imperial command.

Troops serving with all armies must swallow their tears, and not allow their emotion to run to excess. Also they must not turn their eyes upon the amazing truth. At this moment when they are not filled with calmness of mind, they must preserve military discipline, and quietly correct their military bearing. The Emperor issues a message that he believes that the honourable deeds of you armed services are the essence of an everlasting people. To this, he will add instructions and troops of all armies are to comply with these instructions. They must recall the difficult recollection of their victories won by hardships and indescribable suffering, and they must prove the honour of the Imperial Army.

Dated 17thAug 1945. Please pass this message to all subordinates.


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