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Darwin, N.T., Australia

The photos appearing on Photo Gallery pages 1 and 2 are courtesy of Mrs Muriel King of Parksville, BC. They were taken by her father, Mr Don Vaughan-Smith (Sgt) who was a member of 1CSWG in Darwin.

Several other photos are available by viewing the Australian War Memorial pages. On the left, click on "Collection Databases". Then, click on "Collections Search". Then click "Conflict", then click "Second World War 1939-1945". You then enter one of the photo numbers listed below in "Enter Search Term(s)". Then click the "search" button.
087257; 087258; 087259; 087260; 087261; 087263; 087264; 087265; and NWA1039. All these photos are complete with captions. The last one, NWA1039 is a photo of the Maple Leaf Quartet, (the "Harmony Quartet" as they were called to avoid tipping the Japanese that there were Canadians about). The caption includes the names of the four who were: Cpl Maynard Taylor, L/Cpl George Brown, Sigmn Ted Loney and Sigmn Jean Paul Trottier.

It should be noted that this quartet was in much demand in and around Darwin and "appeared" several times on the local radio station, "5DR".


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