1 Canadian Special Wireless Group


Darwin, N.T., Australia

8 Wing Airlift Task Force Photo

Lt John David Miller

Remembrance Day 1999

This page is dedicated to the memory of Lt John David Miller who passed away in Darwin in 1945 while serving with 1 Canadian Special Wireless Group, and to members of 436 and 429 Squadrons of 8 Wing Airlift Task Force from Trenton Ontario, who participated in the airlift relief effort, OPERATION TOUCAN into East Timor, 26 Sep-26 Nov 1999. Personnel from the ALTF took time to honour Lt Miller and other fallen comrades during Remembrance Day ceremonies in November of 1999.

The following are exerpts from the War Diary of 1 Canadian Special Wireless Group. The War Diaries are held by the Communications and Electonics Branch Museum in Kingston Ontario.

Cenotaph Guard Darwin Guard
CO Cdn Det Darwin At Lt Miller's Gravesite At Lt Miller's Gravesite


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