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Darwin, N.T., Australia

SS Socotra SS Chinkoa SS Monterey Shellback Card
Aboard USAT Monterey Aboard USAT Monterey Aboard USAT Monterey Someday!
Soon! Rest Stop On the Road Again Radio Equipment? Radio Equipment Radio Equipment
Radio Equipment Antenna Darwin Area Sights Darwin Area Sights Darwin Area Sigbts
Darwin Area Sights Berry Springs Rest Area Berry Springs Rest Area Berry Springs Rest Area
City of Darwin Today Darwin City Hall Today
For those veterans who were in Darwin with 1CSWG, the above 2 photos may prove interesting! They were taken during by Canadian Air Force personnel participating in the Air Lift Task Force into East Timor September 26-November 26, 1999.

A Happy Bunch Darwin Softball Champions
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No. 1 Operations Hq Section.jpg
If anyone viewing these pages can identify personnel or equipment, please email me with details.

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These photos are courtesy of Michelle Flood Wallbank, granddaughter of Signalman Lloyd George Flood. LG Flood was a member
of the Mechanical Transport Troop. One of the photos shows his "Office", and it is quite likely one of his duties was that of a
despatcher, (you will note the slots above the desk).

AJ Scott(NFLD), LG Flood(Toronto),GD Scott(Brandon MB, 28 Mar 1945 at Patricia Bay Camp, near Victoria BC.  JN Cornborough, LG Flood, HE Jackson in San Francisco, 18 Jan 1945.  SD Ferguson, BB Scott, HE Jackson, LG Flood at Chermside Camp, Brisbane, Australia, 16 March 1945.  Sigmn DJ Green 2nd from right.  MD Mizzi, LG Flood in banana grove, Brisbane area 28 Mar 1945.  Dowling, Flood, Goss on the move to Darwin, 17 April 1945.  A work detail after arrival at McMillan's Camp Darwin on 18 April 1945  Some of the gang, Darwin 1945.  LG Flood's   Harry Taylor and LG Flood.  Note   Just prior to departure from Darwin enroute Sydney and on to Canada.  Some of the Rear Party, October 1945.  LG Flood's 'Shellback Card' presented to him upon crossing of the Equator on the way to Australia. 

Photography authorization card signed by LCol HDW Wethey CO of 1CSWG  Possibly the Brisbane harbour skyline  Robbie between a couple of termite hills  Self-explanatory 

This group of photos are shots of the city of Brisbane in 1945.

            War Memorial  War Memorial   

This group of photos was taken in the camp at Darwin - scenes of work details and some recreation shots in the area.


This group of photos is believed to be photos of the convoy south at War's end. 1CSWG departed Darwin 24 Oct 1945 by convoy to Alice Springs, then onto the Ghan (Australia's famous train through the heart of the country) to Adelaide where they again were back into their trucks and on to Melbourne and to Sydney.


1CSWG departed Sydney 8 Feb 1946 on the TSMV Socotra enroute Vancouver, arriving there on 25 Feb 1946.

Departing Sydney Australia  The open sea enroute Vancouver  Arriving Vancouver with the Lions Gate Bridge dead ahead.  What a sight this must have been!!!  Sailing under the Lions Gate Bridge  Escort into inner harbour at Vancouver 

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This group of photos is courtesy of Melodie Montgomery, daughter of Lloyd Exelby, an operator with #2 Operating, 1CSWG, in Darwin Australia.
These photos are in no particular order.

Fanning Island, near Darwin  Indian trooper on watch on Fanning Island  Shark caught by Bob Proctor at Fanning Island  Bank of New South Wales, bombed and machine gunned by Japanese  More of the bombing destruction in Darwin  Convoy south to Alice Springs from Darwin  Making use of a boat sunk by the Japanese in 1942  Kangaroo - Darwin 

Brisbane War Memorial  Staging camp to Darwin - probably Brisbane  River in the jungle near Darwin  Spirit of Protest - Lloyd Exelby beside engine  Lloyd Exelby - Darwin  Netting tied above beds in huts to break heat radiated from steel roof  Pots and pans detail.  Johnson and Terry  East-West ball game, both won by East. Games broadcast by George Brown.  X is broadcast stand 

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