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Raymond Georges Cadieux

I recently received some email correspondence from Claude Payette, a volunteer at Ste-Anne de Bellevue Veteran's Hospital, in Ste_Anne de Bellevue, Quebec with regard to a WWll veteran who resides there, one, Raymond Georges Cadieux. Raymond has provided some insight on his training leading up to his deployment with 1CSWG to Australia in 1945.

     Raymond, in fact volunteered for this assignment (1CSWG) as he was already in the Canadian Army, as a member of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. He was trained as a "Morse Code Monitor" which included learning "Kana Kata", the Japanese ideographic writing and alphabets. He received his training at Kingston, ON, #2 Special Wrls Stn Grand Prairie, AB and at #3 Special Wrls Stn on Mills Road at Patricia Bay on Vancouver Island prior to shipping out to Australia. He sailed with 1CSWG out of San Fransico in January 1945 enroute Brisbane Australia, via Hollandia, New Guinea, then by truck convoy to Darwin in the north of Australia.

Raymond Cadieux, 93 year old veteran of WW2
Photo taken May 12, 2009

     Raymond also sent along a photo of his group which was taken during a "moment of relaxation from the firing range, which was situated behing the Army Camp we occupied at Patricia Bay, right across the road of Vancouver Island Airport." In this photo he has identified all but three of the personnel in his group.

     Another photo submitted by Mr. Ted Box, shows Raymond at work as a Morse Code Monitor in Darwin, Australia. He is in front of his receiver bank busy copying the Japanese Kata Kana code.

My sincere thanks to Raymond Cadieux and Claude Payette for their contributions to the 1CSWG website.

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