Don Hayward tells me this photo was taken after the war at #3SWS. It seems personnel
had extra time on their hands and lunch hours were extended. Volleyball was the flavour of
the day. This would also explain the presence of the WACS in the photo.

From Pat O'Buck, nee Moyles 10 Oct 2012
"I looked at the picture of the volleyball players at No. 3 and there is an error as to nationality!
I may or may not have mentioned this to you at the time. No, the women playing (I am on the left
facing and at the net) are not U.S. WACs!! We were Canadian Womens Army Corp, CWAC, members;
that is, CWACs. We were members of the CWAC!"

Editors Note: I really think Pat is trying to tell me something - I do have the message though!!!!!!!!

Pat further states in part:
"Of no significance, but the court was always there during my tenure (Oct 1943-July1946) not just when the war was over.
Ernie Marsh is one of the players, and I'd have to press my memory button to recall the names of a couple of the other
men playing who went to Australia. In inclement weather, we would play ping pong to help keep us awake during late evening
and graveyard shift breaks." NEXT | BACK