"A Happy Bunch"

Photo submitted by Capt (retired) Hance Legere. This photo shows a HAPPY BUNCH of 1CSWG Officers taken on VP (Victory in the Pacific) day, August 15, 1945. The photo was taken outside their quarters in Darwin. They are as fols:
Front Row - RH Truscott, Australian Dental Corps; Capt JH (Hance) Legere, RCSigs; Capt JJ (Johnny) Purtell, RCSigs;
Lt HE Koehler, RCSigs; Lt JR (Jim) Reid, RCSigs; Myles Larkin, Int Corps.

Center Row - JR McKay, Int Corps; Capt HL Hall, RCSigs; Capt RE March, RCSigs; Capt FH Rowland, RCAPC;
Lt JD Miller, RCSigs; Lt MM (Max) Naraway, RCSigs; Maj RH Pick, RCSigs; Capt WL Wardrop, RCSigs.

Back Row - JM Holmes, Int Corps; Lt Col HDW Wethey, RCsigs. Not in photo Lt CF (Conn) Rutherglen, RCSigs.