1 Canadian Special Wireless Group

Display Dedication

CFS Leitrim

Ottawa, Canada

Text and photos provided by a Sgt from CFS Leitrim.

     Canadian Forces Station Leitrim celebrated its 60th year in Operation on June 8, 2001. As part of the ceremonies a display case was dedicated to 1 Canadian Special Wireless Group and its personnel who served Canada in Darwin Australia during the latter months of WWII. 21 veterans of 1CSWG were in attendance, as well, 8 other vets were represented by family members. Other events included a Medals Parade, and a luncheon at the Leitrim Mess. During the luncheon there was a viewing of a 5 minute video titled "CANUCKS IN AUSSIE". This film was developed by Paramount Pictures just before 1CSWG left Australia. It was filmed inside Operations and showed 1CSWG personnel copying code and searching for targets. Apparently this video was never shown in movie houses since it was deemed to be too sensitive. It turned out to be a "real nice surprise" for the vets.

     The Medals Parade was highlighted by the presentation of the Pacific Star to Capt (ret'd) Hance Legere and was followed by medals to Leitrim personnel for UN and NATO service around the world. The acting Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Vice-Admiral Gary Garnett presented all medals. Letters from the CDS, Gen Baril, were handed to each veteran or vets representative thanking them for their service. A March Past honoring the veterans was led by Major Robert Martin, Operations Officer, Leitrim. Near the start of the Parade, the Australian Flag which was sent by the Lord Mayor of Darwin, was presented to Vice Adm Garnett by Lt-Col Harnwell (Senior Military Advisor from the Australian High Commission in Ottawa), who then handed it off to Sgt Hayden Brooker (7 Sigs Regt, Australian Army) and PO2 Gord Raymond (CFS Leitrim), who then raised it at Leitrim. The Australian Flag now stands next to the 1CSWG display in the Operations Building at CFS Leitrim.

click here for photos of the Dedication and activities of the day at CFS Leitrim 8 Jun 2001.

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