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50th Anniversary Photos - Aug-Sept 2008

More photos of Alert taken during the 3-5 Sep 2008 flight to Alert are now posted on my "Alert Today" Photo Gallery page.

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The following groups of photos were submitted to me by various veterans who were on this flight to Alert. As you can imagine, I have received numerous photos, many of which are duplicated, - almost everyone had a camera. I can only put so many photos on the website, so I hope individuals aren't offended if all their pics are not here. If you have pics you believe are unique, please send them to me and I will have a good look at them. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

The photos and sets of photos are in no specific order and they pretty much cover take-off in Ottawa to Alert and back.

This set of photos courtesy Bill Dyke.

AMU, Ottawa before departing for Alert.  Port side enroute Iqaluit. Sardines anyone?  Starboard enroute Iqaluit.  Nice day over Baffin Island.  South Camp Inn, Resolute Bay.  The uniforms are used to this type of accommodations!  Roommate #1.  Roommate #2. 

Roommate #3  Roommate #4  Sitting pretty.  Photos in the Arctic Club.  More photos in the Arctic club.  Sunset at 24000' over the Arctic. 

This set of photos courtesy Greg Barteluk.

De-planing - Iqaluit.  Exchanging BCards.  In front of new LT sign.  Iqaluit terminal.  Port side jump seats.  Only 9 hours to Ottawa. 

This set of photos courtesy Dave Berry.

AMU Ottawa.  Loading up.  port side - outbound.  Husky pups - Resolute.  Port side enroute Ottawa.  Starboard enroute Ottawa. 

The following photos are mine.

Leitrim Meet and Greet 2 Sep 2008.  Leitrim Meet and Greet.  Building 11, Ott Int Airport (AMU).  AMU - Deb, Dave, Donna, Bill.  436 Sqn Herc arriving from Trenton.  Dave, Greg, Rene.  BGen's need sleep too!.  Some of Iqaluit from the airstrip. 

More of Iqaluit.  De-icing valve needed correct size hammer!.  Ken, Bill, Jim, Len, Arnie.  Desolate Resolute.  Desolate Resolute.  Arnie and Chef of the Inn, Randy Reed.  Greg, Mike, Tony, Joe. 

Apparently there was fire in the old RCAF hanger.  CC-130337 on the pad at Resolute Airport - 4 Sep 2008 prior to departure for Alert.  Bill in waiting room - Resolute.  A big critter -waiting room - Resolute.  CFS Alert from the airstrip.  Phil wanted a pic of his Phreep's hat earflap. 

This group of photos courtesy Earle Smith.

Earle and Bill in Resolute waiting room.  Bite your tongue Jim - let it go!!.  VE8RCS crew with BGen Ferron.  Heading to Ottawa - starboard side.  Heading to Ottawa - port side.  More port side.  Sunset over northern Quebec.