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A Photo View of Alert Today

Servicerow Dining Hall CHAR Radio & TV

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These photos were taken by "Scott Crouse" during the first part of Sep 2008. He did what I really never had time to do since we were on the ground in Alert for less than 24 hours. My thanks to Scott for permission to use these photos.

Outside HAPS.  Clock tower at entrance to HAPS  The Beach. Common gathering place for coffee, snacks and TV.  Old Canex store now called Tradies. Can you believe it?  The new furniture was noticeable.  The Arctic Club, formerly the Wo's and Sgt's Mess.  The old JRC.  The Barbershop 
The Linkway connects all 5 buildings of the complex.  Typical commonroom in each of the living quarters.  What's left of the curling rink is now used for storage, open to the weather.  Alice's, the old bar in the curling rink is in sad shape.  The old Power Plant.  Alert fire truck, 'Firefox'.  This sign has been hanging in the Linkway since at least 1986. Note spelling. 

This next group of photos are mine, taken 4-5 Sep 2008.

Lunch, just after arrival in Alert.  Lunch continued.  Anniversary supper setup.  More supper setup.  Kitchen/dining room facilities.  Igloo Gardens sign.  Part of the Alert Musuem.  Boxtop 22 tribute. 

Alert Electric, the new Cathouse.  Supply.  Alert Fire Hall.  Vehicle Maintenance and Transport.  Vehicle Cold Storage Hanger.  Even colder storage!  Fuel tank farm.  Bowling Alleys.  Believe it or not they haven't trashed them yet! 

The Gymnasium.  Weigh training facilities.  More weight training.  Mike Juhas in front new LT sign at entrance to the Station. 

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