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Alert, Nunavut

CFS Alert 25th Anniversary & Photos 29 Aug-1 Sep 1983

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Group Photo in Thule Group Photo

In 1983, Alert celebrated it's 25th Anniversary. From all reports it was a resounding success. Capt Rick Fellbaum from SRS coordinated a Reunion of "oldtimers" for the occasion. From what I have seen of the paper work, the logistics were just short of mind numbing. From locating eligible personnel from Youbou, BC to Gander NFLD, arranging travel on Service Air to and from Ottawa, sponsors in Ottawa, Service Air (CC130) to Alert and back plus everything else in between and on either end. I have spoken with a couple of the people who were on the trip and they both commented on how well Rick had done with all the arrangements. Sadly at this point in time several of that group including Rick,have passed on.

One wonders what the 2008 will hold as Alert Wireless Station/Canadian Forces Station Alert passes 50 years in existance as the most northerly permanently inhabited place on earth?? Is there or will there be someone out there that will put together a Reunion such as the 25th?? And will the military find the $$'s to do it?? All questions that could use some answers.

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