"Canadian Forces Station Alert"

Alert, Nunavut

Photo courtesy Scott Crouse

The Olympic Torch Relay at CFS Alert
8 November 2009

I think that most military and ex-military people reading this will realize that the Olympic Torch Relay run in Alert on 8 Nov 2009 was an historic event of major signifigance. It marked the furthest north that the Olympic Torch has every travelled. For many this was a once in a life time event, not likely to occur again for a great many years. Both civilian and military personnel took part in the Relay which included Mr. George Stewart, the longest serving person at Alert.

CFS Alert Commanding Officer, Maj Sylvain Giguere was the last of the military personnel to carry the Torch. He then passed the flame on to Mr. Stewart who carried it up to the Station to the old Curling Rink and lit the Cauldron./font>

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Alert OTR Team

(The following narration was provided by Mr. George Stewart)

""I had the great honour of being selected by the CO and Staff of CFS Alert as being named their "community leader" for the OTR. I walked the Torch from the upper station sign to the old curling rink ( approx 350M) where I lit the Cauldron. I then had the further honour of welcoming the "Olympic Flame", The Hon Minister of State (Sports) Mr. Gary Lunn, Members of the VANOC 2010 Organizing Committee and members of the media to CFS Alert. My short speech was given in English, en francais and with some Inuktituk words of welcome added.

I was also interviewed for TV by CTV, CBC and Global West as well as press interviews which were printed in various newspapers.

I guess the real siginificance was that the Olympic Flame was actually carried to Canada's and in fact the World's Most Permanently Inhabited Place.


(George also provides his insight into the staffing at Alert at this time.)

""There are only 21 Mil Pers remaining: CO (Maj), SWO, (CE MWO), Med WO, Adm WO, Supply Sgt, P2 Steward, Sgt & MCpl Firefighters, MCpl Med Asst, MCpl/Cpl RMS Clerk (Admin), Pte ( SWOs GD), MCpl & Cpl Tfc Tech, Cpl Met Tech, Sgt Tech Maint Spvr, & 6 MCpl/Cpl Ops Techs.

There are 35 or so Civilian Contractors to carry out Service Support. Contract Site Mgr, Contractor Admin, Power Plant, Veh Maint/MSE Ops, Water and Fuel, and Infratstructure Maint as well as Food Services. I serve as the Contract Project Authority ( manage the contract) and there are 5 permanent Env Cda Pers.


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