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Operations Site - CFS Masset Evening - Masset Harbour
Operations - Old Site - circa 1942 Operations - Old Site - circa 1957 Delkata HFDF Site Plank Road to Old Site - circa 1943
Naval Radio Station Masset Crew 1962-63 Naval Radio Station Masset North Beach Masset Men's Volleyball Team
Moments to Remember! Moments to Remember! Search and Rescue Chopper
The Golden Spruce of the Yakoun Blowhole at Tow Hill

The photos below were taken in Masset in July 2005. To view these pics, hover your mouse curser over the thumbnail photo for the caption, then click to see larger photo. Use your browser back button or mouse back button to return to the thumbs.

Metropolis of Masset, looking NWesterly. Note Alaska on the horizon. June 2008.  Downtown Masset. Looking Northerly. Note Alaska on the horizon. June 2008. 

Delmas Co Op.  The opposite side of the street from the Co Op.  Omega Seafood Plant.  Northcoast Hardware  Street parallel to the Inlet.  Government Wharf and fuel dock.  Collison Ave looking west.  Collison Ave looking east.  Sea Breeze Restaurant formerly Haida Bucks.  Masset Haida TV - the low brown building.  Villager Cafe.  Royal Canadian Legion.  Liquor Store.  Fields Department Store, formerly the CANEX.  Masset Court House.  RCMP Detachment.  A 2 pic pan of the commerial wharf.  The 'sporties' wharf, constructed spring of 2005.  A pan of the harbour taken from Delkatla Street. 

"Hilbert Grem"
"Hippy Cows at Masset"

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