Hilbert Grem

Hibby was a well known Masset character in the early days of CFS Masset

During 1969-72, I was a Technical Officer on Project Beagle, the building of the new sites at Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands; Gander, and Bermuda. At least every six weeks I was at one of those sites working with the contractors, (I know, serving one's country was hell in those days!)

When at Masset, I stayed at the Singing Surf Motel, the only place in town, although I can't ever recall the surf singing. The night custodian was a wizened, little old man named Hilbert Grem. Hibby, as the locals called him, was known to imbibe a little and would often go wandering the upper island. Whenever I returned to Masset, one of my first questions was "What's Hibby been up to?"

I assume that Hibby is long gone but I have fond memories of him and his antics. One of Hibby's lesser known abilities was as a poet and I've included a sample.

The Razor Clam

In the north beach sands lives the razor clam,
A retiring little critter that doesn't give a damn

He faces the world with his posterior,
While the surging tide cools his interior

He's like a ship without a rudder,
Where his head should be, he wears and udder

This brings to me a thoughtful frown,
He's like most of the guys in Masset town

Hilbert Grem

Submitted by Bill Dyke