Kingston 2003 Photos

I will likely leave these photos here for the immediate future. Please feel free to download any that you might wish to have. If perhaps you start wondering why there are several of me there, let me do this tactfully!! It was my camera, Paul Holtby took a bunch of photos on it and most of all, it's my website!!!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy, if you do, then it was worthwhile. I am pleased to see that a number of people have signed in on my Guest Book. This really is the only way I have of knowing who has visited the site.
Please sign my Guest Book which can be found near the bottom of the photo pages. Once on the Guest Book, click on "Post". Thanks, it would be appreciated very much.
Here is another website with pictures of the centennial reunion:
Sigs Club Website - click on C&E 2003 Photos
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