PacSigs Reunion Photos - 2000

Arnie Watton, Ken Nickolson

Marie Nickolson, Geri Watton

Jim Troyanek, Bob Knipstrom, Fred Arbuckle
Jake Gradwell, Dennis Waunch

Nestor (Smitty Hreczka

John Legood, Jim Corbet, Bob Knipstrom
Bill McKay, Mike McKay

Chef Harvey at "Swampy's Road Kill Cafe"

Breakfast at Swampy's road Kill Cafe
Don Findlay, Harvey, Colin Gillis, Bob Knipstrom

Geri Watton, Reta Davis, Arnie Watton, Norm Herbert (hat)

Smitty (back), Dave Munroe, Norm Herbert, Don findlay

Mind over matter!!
Arnie Watton, Harvey, Bill Gratto, Swampy, Jake Gradwell, Frank Palmer-Stone

Most of the guys.
This photo supplied by Muriel King.

Like sheep, they don't follow direction!!

Dick Leahy, Al Hyde, Arnie Watton.
This photo supplied by Muriel King.

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