PacSigs Reunion Photos - 2006

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Photos courtesy of Jack Ziebart.

Dave Munro, Jim Steffan, Norm Villeneuve, Len DeCosse  Carole Amo, new Chef at Swampy's Road Kill Cafe 

Photos courtesy Bob Hutton

Bob Knipstrom, Gil Gilmore, Ingrid Ford, Bob Longmore, Jim Steffan, Larry Blair, Bill Randall  Meet & greet layout  Gil Gilmore, Bob Longmore  Gil Gilmore  Carole Amo at the controls, Pat King at left and Frank Palmer-Stone at right  Frank Palmer-Stone, Glynis & Ross Pollock, Bill Ford, Lorne Newell, Jim Corbett, Rick Sluggett  Jim Steffan  Jim Troyanek, Jim Steffan, Len DeCosse  Bob Knipstrom, Norm Villeneuve, Dan Smith, Bill Ford, Bill Randall, Don Badger  Gavin Ferguson, Swampy Lapointe 

Jim Troyanek photos

Dag Kristiansen, Jim & Fran Steffan, Heather Kristiansen  Ingrid Ford, Frank Barrett  Bill Ford  Joe Rozon, Heather & Rick Sluggett  Al Hyde, Gerry Whidden, Gerry Price, Norm Villeneuve, Len DeCosse  Dave Munro, Bruce Davison  Gil Gilmore, Bill Dukes, Tom Bircham, Louise Esch  Dunc Abra, Swampy Lapointe, Bob Knipstrom, Frank Palmer-Stone, Sylvia Abra  Dan Smith  Tom Bircham, Louise Esch  Sandy Rozon, Glynis Pollock  Glynis Pollock, Sandy Rozon  Ross Pollock, Vaughan Lee  Jack & Carole Amo  Margaret Morgan friend of the Steffan's 

Photos courtesy Bruce Davison

Campsite  Al Hyde  Jawing  Jawing  Jawing  Jawing  Jawing  Reading material  Dunc Abra, Gerry Price, Swampy Lapointe  Flags 

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