PacSigs Reunion Photos - 2009

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Jim Troyanek photos

  Arnie Driver, John Lapointe  Swampy Lapointe, Jake Gradwell, Dennis Waunch  John Banta, Ed Sklepowich, Ross Pollock, Rita Sklepowich  Frank Palmer-Stone, Arnie Pring  Alice Gradwell, Judy Waunch  Fran Steffan & Pat Walsh  Bill Dunbar, Larry Blair  Bev Blair, Jennifer Pring  Jake Gradwell, Dennis Waunch, Frank Marsden, Freida Lapointe  Swampy  Bill Ford, Gene Scheidl, Al Hyde  Jack Amo, Dave Munro, Jake Gradwell  John Banta, Chuck Bowerman, Ross Pollock  Frank Barrett, Gil Gilmore  Swampy, Al Currie  Arnie Driver, John Archer  Larry Blair, Bill Randall, Rita Sklepowich  Bonnie Bowerman,Ted Defeo, Ed Sklepowich, Frank Palmer-Stone  Freida Lapointe, Carole Amo, Reta Davis, Bev Blair  Freida, Carole, Reta, Caroline Gigun  Bev Blair, Arnie Pring  Reta, Carole, Jake, Freida  Jim Corbett  Bonnie, Chuck, Rita, Jennifer Pring  The Flags    Swampy, resting at 1708 hrs  Rete Davis, Judi Davison and the Lapointe gang  John Archer, Jennifer and Arnie Pring, Jake Gradwell, Arnie Driver   Al Hyde, Al Currie, Don Findlay, Frank Palmer-Stone  Fran Ziebart, Frank Barrett, Bob Knipstrom, Jack Amo  Colin Gillis at the grill for Sunday Pancakes  Larry Blair, Gil Gilmore  Carole, Reta, Freida  Bev Blair, Reta Davis directing!  Al and Hiroko Currie's 2 guests from Japan  Japanese guest of the Currie's, John Archer on right  Rita and Ed Sklepowich, John Banta, Frank Barrett  Frank Palmer-Stone, Dennis and Judy Waunch, Larry Blair, Jake and Alice Gradwell  Jack Ziebart, Gil Gilmore, Al Currie  Jack Amo, Jack Ziebart, Colin Gillis 

Bob Knipstrom photos

Brian Davies, Harvey Gigun  Don Fredericks, Dave Munro, Al Hyde, Bill Ford  Jennifer and Arnie Pring  Al Hyde, Dunc Abra, Jake Gradwell  Raggin'  Bulletin Board  Bill Ford, Gene Scheidl, Bob Knipstrom, Bill Dunbar  Sunrise through the smoke over Georgia Strait 

Don Findlay photos

Breakfast - Hiroko and Al Currie, Jack Ziebart standing right  Fran Ziebart sewing on a button!!  Jim Troyanek, Larry Blair, Jake and Alice Gradwell, Jack Ziebart right   Jake and Alice - whose talkin'  Swampy - sounding Reveille  Swampy, Al Currie  Al Hyde  Jack Amo, Jim Troyanek  John Archer, Jack Amo 

Bruce Davison photos photos

CP behind black truck  Arnie Pring, Bob Randall, Carole Amo  Ted Defeo  A crowd  Don MacDonald, Al Hyde, Roy Edquist  more crowd  Ted Defeo, Swampy, Jim Corbett, Jim Steffan, Dunc Abra  The CP  more crowd  Roy Edquist, Dennis Waunch  Yvette & Mac Lantz, Jim Troyanek, Dunc Abra  Jake Gradwell, Bob Knipstrom, Dave Munro  Caroline Gigun, Bev Blair 

Jennifer Pring photos photos

Arnie Pring, Bpb Knipstrom, Frank P-S, Larry Blair, Jake Gradwell  Frank P-S, Larry Blair, Jake Gradwell  Bev Blair, Arnie Driver  Chuck Bowerman, Frank Barrett, Jim Troyanek  Carole Amo, Donna Davies(back), Freida Lapointe, Reta Davis(back)  Bob Knipstrom  The beautiful Georgia Strait 


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