PacSigs Reunion Photos - 2011

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Photos on this page contributed by Bruce Davison, Ross Pollock and Jim Troyanek.

QCI Holiday Photos - July 2010
"Joe Heywood auctioning the Peacekeepers Teddy Bear on the Chair"

"Joe Haywood and Peacekeeper'

"Don "Swampy" Lapointe and Bob Knipstrom"

"Jake Gradwell, Jim Bailey and Jim Corbett"

"Frank Marsden, Gil Gilmore and Frank Palmer-Stone"

"The Flags"

"Bill Dukes, Marion and Tom Bircham, Al Hyde, Dennis Waunch"

"Jim Bailey, Frank Marsden, Gil Gilmore, Bill Ford, Larry Blair,Frank Palmer-Stone, Jake Gradwell"

"Joe Heywood, Bob Knipstrom, Tom O'Quinn"


"Bob Knipstrom, Jim Troyanek, Al Currie, Larry Blair, Gil Gilmore, Tom Bircham, Frank Marsden"

"Dave Munro, Joe Heywood, Jerry Whiddon, Swampy Lapointe, Jerry Price, Helen Price"

"Frank Palmer-Stone, Bev Blair, Bonnie Bowerman, Freda Lapointe"

"Freda Lapointe, James Lapointe, Harvey Gigun"

"Alice Gradwell, Freda, Jake Gradwell"

"Bev Blair, Bonnie Bowerman, Judy Waunch, Dennis Waunch, Jake, Dan Lapointe, Alice'"

"Dennis, Jake, Dan, Alice, Lil Bandurka, James Lapointe"

"Setting up and eating!!"

"Apparently they are hungry?"

"Frank Barrett, Caroline Gigun, Bev Blair, Frank Palmer-Stone, Jake Gradwell"

"Frank Marsden, Joe Heywood, Dave Munro, Larry Blair, Al Hyde"

"Dennis Waunch, Al Hyde, Joe Heywood, Frank Marsden, Bob Knipstrom"

"Gil Gilmore, Ron Phillips, Swampy, Dave Munro, Larry Blair"

"Alice Gradwell, Judy Waunch, Dennis Waunch, Jake Gradwell, Freda Lapointe"

"Bev Blair, Caroline Gigun, Lil Bandurka, Harvey Gigun"

"Ross Pollock, Leigh Ostrom"

"Ron Phillips and Teagan"

"The Flags"

"Paying respects to Dan Smith, and Don Findlay who passed away this year"

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"A few words from Dave Munro"

"Swampy, Bill Dukes, Tom Bircham, Joe Heywood, Dave Munro, Tom O'Quinn"

"Larry and Bev Blair"

"Al Currie, Gerry Price, Joe Heywood"

"Frank Marsden, Bob Knipstrom, Tom Bircham, Dave Munro, Gil Gilmore "

"Freda Lapointe"

"Sunday morning pancake breakfast"

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"Bev Blair, Judy Waunch, Freda Lapointe and others"

"Freda, Judy, Bev"

"Tear down"

"Tear down"

"Jack Clegg, Frank Barrett"

"Leigh Ostrom, Vaughan Lee"

"Vaughan Lee, Ross Pollock, Jim Troyanek, Leigh Ostrom"

"John and Kathie Juteau"

"Leigh Ostrom, Ron Phillips"

"Vaughan Lee, Jack Clegg"

"Jack Clegg, Jim Troyanek"


"John Juteu, Frank Barrett"


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"Bill Dukes, Marion and Tom Bircham, Al Hyde, Dennis Waunch, Jim, Swampy, Dave"

"Dave Munro, Joe Heywood, Bob Knipstrom"

"Chuck Bowerman"

"Marty Frizzell"

"Relaxing after tear down"


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