PacSigs Reunion Photos - 2012

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Photos on this page contributed by Jim Troyanek.

"Sunrise, Sunday morning 26 Aug 2012"

"Brundige Place"

"Paul Brundige cooking chili, Vicki looking on!"

"Lyle Trockstad, Dennis Waunch, Gil Gilmore, Bob Knipstrom, Larry Blair"

"Paul Wagner hammin' the World from Qualicum Beach"

"Glynis Pollock, Vaughan Lee"

"Bob Knipstrom"

"Jack Clegg, Frank Barrett"

"Carole and Jack Amo, Gene Scheidl"

"Cathy and John Juteau, Bill and Ingrid Ford"

"Bonnie Bowerman stirring the Pot"

"Bill and Ingrid Ford"

"Hiroko and Al Currie, Bill Brundige"

"Fran Ziebart, Bonnie Bowerman"

"Carole Amo, Lynda Brundige, Paul Brundige, Tom O'Quin,Bruce Davison, Jim Corbett, Jack Ziebart "

"John Archer, Dennis Waunch"

"Jim Bailey, Bob Knipstrom"

"Ross and Glynis Pollock and Molly"

"Neill Lobdell, Jim Corbett, Bruce Davison, Paul Brundige, Bill Brundige"

"Dave Munro, Vicki Brundige, Lynda Brundige, Carole Amo, Gil Gilmore"

"Colin Gillis, Jack Ziebart, Larry Blair"

"Jack Amo, Fran Ziebart, Bev Blair, Carole Amo"

"Carole Amo, Vicki Brundige, Lynda Brundige with Brooklyn"

"Rear Party"

The Rear Party August 26, 2012

REAR: Bob Knipstrom, Ed Sklepowich, Larry Blair, Dennis Waunch, Jack Clegg, Susan Clegg, Colin Gillis Carole Amo, Frank Barrett, Jack Amo, Vicki Brundige, Paul Brundige, Ross Pollock, Glynis Pollock with Molly, Vaughan Lee, Gil Gilmore, Jim Troyanek, Jack Ziebart.

FRONT: Bev Blair, Fran Ziebart, Ron Phillips with Teagan.

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