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Pacific Signaller's Annual Reunion
809 Sunray Close
Parksville, BC
V9P 1A6
Phone 250 248-3264

E-mail via: intarsia at shaw. ca

September, 2016

Dear Fellow Signallers;

We pulled it off again folks. Another great PacSigs Reunion weekend. The weather was perfect right from Wednesday 24th til Sunday 28 August. Sunny and hot, we couldn't have asked for better. I asked questions reguarding the campground and did not hear anything whatever to the negative. Everyone was to say the least, pleased, which is great, since I have booked us for next August 25, 26, 27, 2017. Again, we do the last weekend in August before the Labour Day long weekend. That way those coming from "off Island" don't have near the hassle with the BC Ferry System.

My thanks to our Chef's operating out of Swampy's Roadkill Cafe, Carole Amo "head hancho", Freda Lapointe, Bonnie Bowerman with Harvey Gigun and several other ladies on call throughout, Caroline Gigun, Jennifer Pring, Bev Blair,to name a few. My apologies to those names I have missed. What awesome grub you set out for everyone to sink their teeth into. I heard many accolades re the food over the 3 days. Our thanks to Colin Gillis for getting up early on Sunday morning to provide the excellent pancake breakfast again and I apologize to him for not getting a photo of him in action.

Take care this winter, etc., hope to see you again next August. Thank you to all who camped and/or put in an appreance to reacquaint with friends and meet new ones in some cases. Have a great year.


Jim Troyanek

For Swampy

Contact : Jim Troyanek at above points.