An Alert Shift back in '65.

(Photo thanks to Chuck O'Dale)

Standing L-R - Sam Simard, Frank Palmer-Stone, Hal Fraize, Chuck O'Dale, Andre Bureau, Bob Tone, Lynn Parry, Herb Coutour, UNID, Dave Christmas, Dan Risebrough, Don Boden, Wilf Lynch, UNID.

Sitting L-R - John Burke, Bob Hamilton, Frank Paulin, George Barkhouse, Doug Parker.

(Gerry Watt has contributed 3 more names to abv pic - 28Mar2011)
(Sam Simard has added 3 more - only 3 to go!! - 20Sep2013)

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This website is open to any and all persons who have had some affiliation with the CFSRS/CFIOG and other related operations. It does not matter if you were a 291'er, a tech, a cook, or even an officer! We make no distinctions here. There are no other elegibility requirements. You need not be a member of the Oldtimers -- just a friend! In one way or another we were a family! The goal of this site is to hold together the social aspect of our little community in order that we can maintain a degree of cameraderie and togetherness, even if it is in Cyberspace!

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To be eligible for Lifetime Membership in the SUPRAD Oldtimers Association an individual must pay the $10.00 administration fee and qualify within the following criteria.

- all military trades/occupations that have served a minimum of one tour at any unit of the Canadian Forces Supplementary Radio System (CFSRS) or the Canadian Forces Information Operations Group (CFIOG); and

- civilian personnel who have served at any of the CFSRS or CFIOG Stations/Units for a minimum of one tour in the Supplementary Radio System, be sponsored by a current member and approved by majority vote of the membership committee;

- SUPRAD Oldtimers Association Membership Committee may enrol individuals for special contributions on behalf of the association and

- all memberships issued prior to Nov 1, 2005 will be considered as charter members - waiving all eligibility requirements. 

Note: The $10.00 administration fee covers the plaque purchase and engraving your name on it, membership cards and mailing costs. Monies remaining will be available to send condolences as needed on behalf of our association.

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Spud Roscoe copying CW when he was an Able Seaman! Note the line holding the typewriter in place for when the ship rolled! Those headphones were a great holdall! I wonder if he still has all that hair? Photo scooped from Jerry Proc's website with permission from both Spud and Jerry!

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