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Lynn Wortman Receives C&E Heritage Award


BGen (retd) Kevin O’Keefe presented WO (retd) Robert Lynn Wortman with the Canada’s Military C&E Heritage Award for co-authoring along with LCdr (retd) George T. Fraser, “The History of Canadian Signals Intelligence and Direction Finding”.

C&E HERITAGE AWARD – Maj (Retd) Bill Dyke presented a brief explanation of the importance of recording and sharing the history of our trades. He credited Lynn Wortman and George Fraser for their commendable efforts in compiling and authoring the information contained in their book. He further emphasized that this should be available to all new tradesmen and copies be available on all our stations.

“The Heritage Award Objective is to recognize individuals, teams and organizations who make a noteworthy contribution to the preservation, education and celebration of Canada’s Military C&E Heritage. As part of the Canadian Military Communications and Electronics Association’s C&E Awards and Recognition Program, the Heritage Awards are proposed to supplement other forms of recognition in our community such as Branch commendations and the Foundation’s Philanthropic Award. In this instance, these awards are intended for presentation to persons and organizations who promote our heritage and honour our legacy through their actions.”

Lancaster 965 Crashes CFS Alert, 30 July 1950

Lancaster 965 Crash

Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers

Aubrey Callan, of Mountain, has been presented with the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers by Governor General Julie Payette in a ceremony at Rideau Hall. The Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers recognizes the exceptional volunteer achievements of Canadians from across the country in a wide range of fields.

As an official Canadian honour, the Medal for Volunteers incorporates and replaces the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award. The Medal builds on the legacy and spirit of the Caring Canadian Award by honouring the dedication and commitment of volunteers.

Petty Officer 1st Class Aubrey Callan, C.D. (Retired) has volunteered with the Royal Canadian Legion and numerous civic organizations dedicated to serving veterans in his community for the past forty years.

The award was an acknowledgement of all that he has contributed to the community over those decades, and is a great achievement in itself, as the criteria for the medal are quite demanding. Any person who is a Canadian citizen and who has made significant, sustained and unpaid contributions to their community in Canada or abroad is eligible. Candidates must have demonstrated an exemplary commitment through their dedicated volunteerism. The Medal is awarded to individuals only, not to groups or couples. Non-Canadians are also eligible if their contributions have brought benefit or honour to Canadians or to Canada.

Congratulations to Aubrey on a well-deserved mark of his commitment to the Legion and veterans.

AVRO Aero Model

Brian Windle, right, presenting Robby Robertson’s model of an AVRO Arrow to the Commandant (Lt.Col Horner) and the Mess of the CF School of Aerospace Control Operations in Cornwall ON, on behalf of the SupRad Oldtimer's Association, 01 March 2018.

Photos of some of our C & E Branch on the Battlefield tour.

Battlefront Tour, Vimy Ridge, France

Riverview, NB

A long line of 128 Canadian flags now flutter along Hillsborough Road in Riverview NB, honouring Canada's fallen soldiers. The flags are part of the national Flags of Remembrance campaign where cities across Canada raise 128 flags to honour the 128,000 soldiers killed in battle since the Boer War.

In Riverview, the flags were planted on a grass park east of the Gunningsville Bridge next to a memorial that honours HMCS Coverdale, a naval base during the Second World War where sailors specialized in eavesdropping on enemy radio conversations and decoding them.

Historical Sites of Manitoba

Churchill Naval Base

CFS Leitrim Anchor Plaque unveiled 23 June 2016

For a number of years the anchor in the attached picture sat a Leitrim after being shipped from Halifax. It now has a permanent home inside the fence at the front entrance of CFS Leitrim and a bronze plaque has been erected to honour all our tradesmen who have served and will continue to serve at sea on Canadian and Allied ships in support of the SIGINT mission. The plaque was unveiled at a brief ceremony after the 75th anniversary parade on Thursday.   fm Bob Todd


  Plaque inscription reads.  "This anchor is dedicated to the countless Signals Intelligence Operators who have proudly served Canada by sailing onboard Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships and allied vessels in direct support of naval operations throughout the world. These personnel include the Communicator Supplementary trade that was created in 1948, those who served in the trade of Radioman Special that stood up in 1960, the men and women who have sailed as Communicator Research Operators from the occupation’s inception in 1968 to the present day, and those who will continue in the future. “Ready Aye Ready”"

Coverdale Plaque Dedication at Coverdale 25 October 2014

Monument recalls HMCS Coverdale's 37 years of monitoring Canada's enemies.

Newspaper Coverage

RAdm Jennifer S Bennett


Final Planing Guide

As requested at the SUPRAD Oldtimers GAGGLE, Survivor Benefits files attached.

Final Planning Guide

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