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The Gaggle April 10, 2019

In attendance: CWO R. Gentile, LCol J.P. Pascal Ouellet, B. Dyke, BGen K. O’Keefe, Lynn Wortman, Nancy Wortman, Rob Wortman, Tracie Wortman, Gary Fouchard, Dean Goodwin, Ernie Stenning, Ed Ripley, Ambrose Atkins, Wayne Moore, Dave Berry, Bernie Lee, Mario Racicot, Dwayne Whalley, Terry Whalley, Roger Newman, Ren Molnar, Paul Broadbent, Mary Curtin, Andre Bolduc, Howie Voight, Brian Mont, Larry Lambourne, Wayne Boone, Mike Blow, Eric Coles, Terry Procyshyn, Mike Weir, Roger Ellsworth, Pete Smith, Ray Lebeau, Butch Whitlaw, Rick Smith, Bob Todd.

The Gaggle June 11, 2019

Front: Ren Molnar, Marry Curtin, Mrs. Hebb, Wade Hebb, Vern Veinot, Dwayne Whalley, Terry Whalley, Dave Warmington, Ernie Grimshaw

Center: John Belland, Bill Neelin, Paul Gallant, Dean Goodwin, Nigel Van Loan, Roger Ellsworth, Dave Berry, Bob White, Ed Ripley, Eric Coles, Clint Briscoe, Del Franson, Wayne Moore

Rear: Pierre Lauzon, Bernie Forget, Dave Brunton, Roger Newman, Bob Spinney, Vern Smith, Howie Voight, Bob Todd, Norm Weir, Nick Daniels, Mike Blow, Brian Mont, Bob Lesperance, Brian Cassidy, Neil O’Hare, Lou Kebesh, Larry Lambourne, Butch Whitlaw

Congratulations Butch - longtime RCL Member

Butch Whitlaw is presented the Legion's 55 year pin and bar from Branch 641 Barrhaven President Bert Boehme and Membership Chair Dave St Amand.

The Giggle May 08, 2019

L-R - Pat Ellsworth, Orlene Whitlaw, Maime Johnston, Corinne Stewart, Kip Miller, Yvette Collins, Barb Burleigh, Nancy Wortman.

The Golf Girls June 21, 2014

L-R: Yvette Collins, Berney Goodwin, Barb Maheux, Cathy Peachey, Rose Hartnett, Clare O'Brien, Rose Moore, Barb Burleigh and Nancy Wortman.

2EW Sqn 2017 Summer Reunion

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picture picture picture

Oldtimer's Reunion - Vancouver Island Style - 6 Sep 2014

L to R - Betty Troyanek, Lou Todd, Grace Bohn, Bill Bohn, Jim Troyanek, Bob Todd, with Rhuemi the yellow lab.

Oldtimer's Reunion #2 - Vancouver Island Style - 10 Sep 2014

Back - Jim Troyanek, Betty Troyanek, Bill Bohn.
Front - Lynn Wortman, Grace Bohn, Nancy Wortman.

Group of Six from VWS March 28, 2010

This photo represents roughly half of the remaining personnel that served at Vancouver Wireless Station during the 1950's through to the closure of VWS in July 1971. Perhaps there are some of you from the "far east" that would be interested in seeing what some of your counterparts from the "Left Coast" look like. The age range here is 70 to 85 years. The photo was taken in Ladner March 26, 2010.
L to R - Jim Troyanek, Don Hayward, George Sheard, Tony King, Arnie Watton, Bill Rogers.

Vancouver Wireless Station Oldtimer's Coffee Klatch 12 Jun 2012

Rear - L-R - Scotty Leach, Ron Lord, Jim Troyanek, Arnie Driver, Bud Drinkle, Bill Rogers, Martha Shiu, Linda (Gaudry) Bennett.
Front - L-R - Betty Troyanek, Donna Bond, Barb Lord, Marie Benoit, Ann Drinkle, Joan Rogers, Margaret Shiu, Yvette Gaudry.

Every 2nd Tuesday of each month a group of "old timers" from Vancouver Wireless Station get together for coffee and a bull session at the Boundary Bay Airport Cafe beginning approximately 0900 hrs. If anyone is/will be in the area at the time of these get togethers and would like to attend, please pass the info to me and I will ensure that Bill Rogers gets it. Spouses/partners of course are most welcome. If you don't feel like sending the info, just drop in and introduce yourselves, I know you will be made to feel at home!!

2 Sqn - 1CSR in Germany - Fall of 1976

Photo courtesy Serge Adam

2EW Sqn - 1CSR Kingston - 1980

Photo courtesy Mark McIntosh

Front Row – Barry Gardiner, Tom Campbell, Ray LaCalvalier, Stan Carr, Al Hamel/Leitch?, Ted Luhtala, Roger Stevenson(OC), Lorne Hassard(SSM), Brian Brooks, Stirling Wight, Dave Cornish, Fred Horton.

Second Row – Andre Sansacartier, Dan Hislop, Tom Rae, Steve Dewer, Dave Simms, Mark McIntosh, Charlie Scott, Robert (Tonto) Hill, Yves Marcoux, Roger Himbeault, Steve Jodoin Shane McNeill.

Third Row – Terry Douglas, Bob Pretty, Aurel St. Aubin, Rick Minifee, Al Harrison, Chris Colling, ?unid Tech, Ed Milligan, Gord Ohlke, Serge Drouin, Yvan Schink.

Back Row – Peter Thorp-Levitt, Mark Rennenberg, Bruce Moore, Frank Sandberg, Sylvan “Bob” Roberts, Ian Kennedy, Rob ??(Int Op), Lee Boyd, Rob Martin.

CFS Inuvik Softball Team - 1985

Photo courtesy Chris Hall

Back Row: Ron Briggs (MP), Mike Dithurbide (291), Andre Gibeault (291), Steve Gray (291), Tim Paterson (291).

Middle Row: Rob Perry (291), Joe Kent (291), Dave Levenick (291 then MP), Barry Trice (Clerk), Pete Perry (291).

Front Row: George McPhee (Tech & Coach), Terry Vickers (291), Bob Griffin (291), Gary Marshall (RM Tech), Chris Hall (291), Craig Coish (291), Flash Terrien (MP), Reg Lesieur (291 & Manager).

CFS Inuvik 25th Anniversary and Close-out Celebration held March 1986

Photo courtesy Chris Hall

Back Row: Chris Hall, Gerry Messner, Bob Candow.

Front Row: Rolly Wheeler, Reg Lesieur.

Click the image for an article on Alert and Inuvik which appeared in the Nov-Dec 1970 issue of the Sentinel.

The article features several recognizable people, such as Ted Defeo, Paul Charbonneau, "Mrs Joan Kelsey, wife of a Corporal Inuvik", and Orlene and Butch Whitelaw", read Whitlaw. There were a few typo's made in the article. For those of you who do not know,the Sentinel was a military magazine published by the Canadian Forces, that was eventually canned by the powers that be, due to "budget restraints". The magazine was much looked forward to every two months and read by virtually everyone in the Forces. Of course, something this popular could never be allowed to continue!!!
This is a .pdf document and if it appears too large for your screen, you can change the view percentage on the menu line of the article.
This article is courtesy of Tom Clark.

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