Sign #7 located on Skeena Street, just west of Ontario Street.

Community and Emergency Services

Residents of the Vancouver Wireless Station had access to many different kinds of community services. Movies were regularly screened at the Community Centre. Both a protestant and a catholic chapel served the spiritual needs of the community. A grocery store shared space with the army Quartermaster Store. Woodworking and automotive shops were available to those with an interest in such hobbies. Many social functions took place in the Officers's Mess, the Sergeants' Mess, and the Men's Mess.

The community was protected by its own firehall and staff. A guard station at the entrance to the Vancouver Wireless Station was staffed by commissionaires under the supervision of the shift supervisor. All personnel were vigilant in their duties to maintain strict security.

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Fire fighters were on call 24 hours a day and routinely carried out rigouris fire inspections and promoted fire safety at VWS.

Frequent training of fire crews took place at VWS.

The Men's Mess was a social gathering place which provided meals and activities.

The Protestant Chapel

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    Protestant and Catholic needs. In fact there were two chapels.

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