Sign #5 located on Ontario Street next to the old ball fields

Recreation Facilities and Social Activities

Service families and single personnel had access to a variety of facilities and activities to make their 'posting' to Vancouver Wireless Station (VWS) a more enjoyable experience. Tennis courts, ball diamonds, playing fields, a wading pool, a gymnasium/community hall were all constructed. A skating rink was installed in a WWII Royal Canadian Air Force airplane hangar by VWS and people from the wider community of Delta.

Activities were rich and varied for children and adults alike. These included movies, badminton, Scouting and team sports. There were also a wide range of clubs to cover other interests such as photography, drama, crafts, rifle marksmanship, ham radio and woodworking.

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Residents lives were enriched and enhanced by the activities that were provided on the base.

Families used the facilities of the Ham Radio Club to communicate with husbands temporarily stationed in remote locations

Two women's hockey teams played at the ice rink at Vancouver Wireless Station between periods of the men's games; one sponsored by the Vancouver wirelss Station and one by Hodgins Realty.

The men's softball team worked hard to defend the reputation of the VWS against other Delta teams.