Sign #2 just south of Ontario Street on the left side of McKenzie.


In September 1950 the Vancouver Wireless Station School opened with Mrs. Stella Husband teaching Grades 1 through 3 in one room of the Recreation Hall and Theatre. As the number of students increased, the School was moved to an H-shaped building across from the Administration Building, commonly called the Orderly Room.

During most of the 21 years that the school was in service, Grade 1 through 6 were provided by Delta School District. A separate Kindergarten, funded by the army, was housed in the same building. An active Parent Teach Auxillary (PTA) assisted the school from 1950 to 1963. In 1971 the school was closed and the building was sold to the Department of Indian Affaires for use elsewhere.

Photo captions top to bottom.

ca. 1960 Photogragh of Vancouver Wireless Station School, Boundaary Bay, opend in 1948.

Mrs. Husband and her class

Mrs. Stella Husband and her class going into school.

Mrs. Stella Husband and her class pictured outside the school. She was the first teacher and Principal. ca. 1955

    WebMaster Notes:
  • The school caption states, "opened in 1948". The school was opened in 1950.

  • The first class photo at right above, is Mrs. Donna Tyson and not Stella Husband as noted on the sign.

  • There is no mention of the School's location. The School was located south of this sign across the RR tracks and Churchill Street, a distance of approximately 200 yards away. Behind this sign was the Canex and Quartermaster Stores. The Gymnasium was directly across the street from this sign.