Sign #3 located on McKenzie Street at the old entrance to the "Steam Plant" as it was affectionately known.

Engineering Services

As with any community, some essential services were needed such as heat, water and sewage disposal.
Central Heating
While the homes were heated with oil, many of the main buildings featured central heat. Overhead piping distributed the heat from the boiler at the central heating plant to many of the main buildings such as the school and the administration building.
Water Supply
A reservoir held the community's water supply. Today it is just a mound, but at one time it held 380,00 gallons of water. The water was chlorinated and then sent to a pump house which was located next to the reservoir. Not much remains of the communities' water reservoir. The pump house is gone leaving behind the overgrown mound as the only visible trace.
Sewage Disposal
Sewage from the community was pumped to two large holding tanks each with a capacity of approximately 30,000 gallons, located under a mound north of the entrance to the site. The sewage pump house was located near the playing fields.

Photo captions top to bottom.

This photo shows the water reservoir which appeared as a mound of earth. Part of the pump house is visible behind the reservoir and the chlorinator can be seen in front of it. The Men's Mess is to the right of the mains streets.

Note the overhead pipes used to distribute heat to the main buildings.

Today, all that remains of the Central Heating Plant is the foundation which supported the huge boiler.

As you enter the VWS, the mound to your left once covered the communities sewage tanks. These tanks are now sealed.