Sign #4 is located near the corner of Fraser and Alberta Streets.


Approximately 150 Permanent Married Quarters (PMQ's) were provided at the Vancouver Wireless Station, at full complement. Housing varied from two and three bedroom bungalows to two storey duplexes. The houses were arranged along circular roads with good sidewalks and spacious lawns and gardens, with the bungalows separate from the two storey houses. Officers' families lived on a separate semi-circular street. Long two storey barracks housed single personnel who ate their meals at the Men's Mess.
The homes, which were built and maintained by the engineering department, were heated with oil furnaces. Annual inspections of each home were undertaken by a team composed of th Commanding Officer, an engineer and a fireman. A flurry of extreme housecleaning took place before these inspections.

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Restricted access and low speed limits made neighbourhood streets safe play places for children..

A 2 storey duplex

A street of bungalows - 1958

A variety of housing types accommodated different family's needs. Pictured here is a 2 storey residence.