"Photos from the Sgt's Mess - circa 1955-60"

The photos on this page were supplied by Anne Dingwall on behalf of her father George Dingwall. I suspect that this photo was taken at CFS Gloucester and is possibly a 6700 course that was required to update personnel to the new 291 trade, again probably in 1967.
Back - Ken O'Brien, ??', Frank Emmett, George Dingwall, Moe Benoit.
Center - Don Hayward, Walt Pottie, Don Perdue, Pete Gray, Don Major.
Front - CPO Cameron, Lt(N) Roy Marsaw, ??.
(The 2 names I/D'd in front row courtesy of Roy Marsaw, son of the pictured Marsaw. Tks Roy.)

Some of the people in this photo are Lloyd Martin, Clyde MacKerracher, Tom Henderson, Doug Cohoon, Doc Schieder, Clay Jones, Hank Galinski and Lou Rushford.

Some of the people in this photo include Han Galinski (Orderly Sgt - armband), Clyde MacKerracher, Tom Henderson, Frank Melvin, Leo Cadogan, Doug Parker, Lou Rushford, Frank Redding, Clay Jones, Doc Schieder.

People recognized in this photo include Les Spooner, Doug Cohoon, Tom Henderson, Lou Rushford, Frank Redding, Gib Burns, Lyle Brydle, Clay Jones and Ken Nickolson.

This picture taken in the Sgt's Mess has the bar tender Bill Peters pouring a beer for a good custmer, Tom Henderson.

L-R Eileen Dingwall, Betty Jones, Lil Schieder, Doc Schieder, Clay Jones and Lloyd Martin.

L-R Clyde MacKerracher, Herb Hannon, Syd Taylor, Lou Rushford, Bill Peters, George Pearce, Gib Burns, Frank Redding, Leo Hartman and u/i'd.