Entrance to the Men's Mess

If you look almost dead center in this photo you will a very snall patch of grey. This is the walkway up to the door of the Mess. The small bridge that crossed the ditch is still there buried below the foliage right in front. My wife claims this was the "best rollerskating area in the camp because of the hollow noise the rollers made when crossing the bridge and on right up to the door of the Mess".

Tony King Photo
Note the difference in foliage. This photo was taken in the spring of 1989.

Tony King Photo
This photo shows the front of the Men's Mess taken from Yukon Crescent just north of the Mess. Those trees behind the cars are now at least 5 times that size. To the right of the Mess are the tops of a couple PMQ's. Also visible to the left of the Mess roof is the square top of the Steam Plant. The '56 Ford belonged to Don Vaughan-Smith. This pic was taken in June, 1961.