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The aim of this page will be to look at Vancouver Wireless Station for 2010 and beyond that, as the title implies. This page may be UNDER CONSTRUCTION for some time, but that remains to be seen.

In 2010 the Coorporation of Delta declared the old Vancouver Wireless Station (VWS) site, a "Heritage Site". The Heritage Advisory Commission will be making recommendations to Municipal Council regarding the appropriate signage to be displayed at the site. Hopefully I will be able to keep abreast of this endeavour and post happenings and photos on this page.

I have started this page with a couple of photos of some of the VWS Old Timers who are still with us and live in the area.

It should be noted that a number of these old timers meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Boundary Bay Airport Cafe. It would be great if you could set aside this Tuesday each month and join the gang anytime after 0830 hrs. Of course the earlier the better. It's great to re-hash old times and boy are there ever a lot of those, judging from my one and only visit so far on 14 Dec 2010.

VWS Oldtimer's Coffee Klatch Tuesday June 12, 2012

Rear - L-R - Scotty Leach, Ron Lord, Jim Troyanek, Arnie Driver, Bud Drinkle, Bill Rogers, Martha Shiu, Linda (Gaudry) Bennett.

Front - L-R - Betty Troyanek, Donna Bond, Barb Lord, Marie Benoit, Ann Drinkle, Joan Rogers, Margaret Shiu, Yvette Gaudry.

Vancouver Wireless Station - Heritage Site

In 2010 the Coorporation of Delta declared the old Vancouver Wireless Station (VWS) site, a "Heritage Site". As of April 2011, the signage has been erected at 7 different locations throughout the old Station. I wish to thank the Heritage Commission and the Cooporation of Delta for taking this initiative to declare VWS as a Heritage Site. In my opinion, it has been long overdue. I have walked through the site on numerous ocassions since the Station closed in 1971 and really never do so without getting a case of the goose bumps. I spent 12 years at VWS and was there until the closing in August 1971. I have said many times that it was the best 12 years of my 35 year military career. It would seem however, that this venture has not been without controversy and discussion, particularily amongst those of us who served at VWS.

Also, it should be noted that the Heritage Commission asked for and received permission to use resources from my VWS website, and no doubt other sources as well, I did not see any evidence of credit being given to any website or other organization for use of resources.

The following photos were taken 12 April 2011, at the former Vancouver Wireless Station. They are photos of the signs erected by the Delta Hertiage Advisory Commission. It has been noted that most of the signs contain spelling and punctuation errors and some inaccuracies. Apparently there was not a lot of consultation with members of the advisory committee who were posted to and worked at VWS during it's life span.

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