Vancouver Wireless Station Revisited - June 1999

This page has been created for those who were posted to Vancouver Wireless Station during its "heyday".

Remember the Camp buildings? The Grocery Store (MLS-Canex), The Men's Mess, the Sgt's Mess, the Sportsfield, the children's Wading Pool?

If you do remember, you will be interested in some of the photos below.

I strolled the roads (all that is left) of what was VWS on the evening of June 18, 1999. The whole Base is overgrown with weeds, tall grass and even taller trees. What once was a thriving military community is now a quiet place suitable only for walking your dog. And people do. There are numerous birds, and if you are not careful you could step on one of the many rabbits who it seems have the run of the place.

Although I have been in Ladner (Delta) many times over the past 28 years, this was the first occasion I had taken the time to walk around the old base. As we all know, time does not stand still, but moves on, as was the case with VWS. I can't believe all the memories that came flooding back as I passed all the places that were so familiar in those days. It was a great, uncomplicated time. It would be well worth it to take the time for a walk around if you are in the area.

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Entrance to the Grocery Store Grocery Store Parking Lot Entrance to Men's Mess
Back of the Men's Mess Yukon Crescent The Reservoir
Officer's Quarters Crescent The Sportsfield The Sergeant's Mess
The Singlemen's Quarters The Steam Plant Entrance to Quartermasters Stores The Children's Wading Pool

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